Are There Any Plans For a Second West Virginia Greenbrier Casino?

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Are There Any Plans For a Second West Virginia Greenbrier Casino?

If you have been looking for a good place to play free online casino games then you have come to the right place. West Virginia is the home of online casino gaming and is also known as the “Gambling Capital of the World” because of its long standing and proud tradition of free online gaming. This location is the home of the world’s most popular online casino, Evergreen. In addition Evergreen is owned by the Blackjack Family of Companies which has been involved in online gaming in West Virginia since its inception twenty-seven years ago.

Evergreen has many millions of people playing games daily on their website and over three hundred seventy thousand monthly active players. West Virginia is the home of the world’s most popular daily fantasy sports league, the WVIAC. The “Reality” Sportsbook is also located in West Virginia. The state of West Virginia is also home to five land-based casinos; Barkersville Casino, Cavalier Park Casino, Fairmount Park Casino, James Madison Casino and the Newport News Casino.

One more thing about WV casinos; the State of West Virginia is the home of the Greenbrier Hotel and Casino. Now when you mention the word “hotel” you may think of the glitzy Hotels of Las Vegas but the Greenbrier Hotel and Casino is the original and the granddaddy of all the “new” hotels that have recently sprouted up around the United States. The Greenbrier Hotel and Casino are also the oldest casino in Charleston.

In July of 2021 the Greenbrier hosted the Harrah’s World Casino in its grounds. During this event more than sixteen thousand people showed up for the weekend and stayed for two weeks. On October of that year another extremely popular major hotel brought its opening to the area, the Comfort Inn on Market Street. In March of the same year the hotel was hit by a deadly shooting incident, the victim died and three others were wounded. In July of the same year a major online sports betting site opened in Charleston, the online website of Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

In the summer of 2021 the Internet was bombarded with information about the impending opening of another casino in Charleston, this time the WV Opry. This casino promises to offer “lottery tickets to the public on a scale unprecedented in recent history.” The Opry will open with two hundred and fifty-two slot machines and will be run by Steve Gaudin, Executive Vice President of WMS. Steve Gaudin is the same man who developed the software for the US Online Casinos and has actually traveled to Las Vegas to test it out. Steve Gaudin is also the brains behind the promotion of the World Series Of Poker.

The World’s Most Popular Horse Betting Site is going to open a new casino in Charleston during the Spring of 2021. This time it will be a racetrack and not a table game’s only resort. The new Mountaineer casino will offer more than two hundred and fifty slot machines and more than two hundred total tables.

Charleston, West Virginia is a booming area for the construction and expansion of casinos and other attractions. Although the location for the new race track has not yet been finalized, it is part of the major plan that includes a second racetrack in the area. As the economy turns around the South Carolina residents who have supported the development of this racetrack could see a major influx of tourists into the area due to the high quality of life and all the possible economic benefits associated with it.

Although there are no current plans for a second greenback casino the owners of both the Greenbrier and the Mountaineer are eager to expand their interests. It appears that the economic recession in West Virginia has caused all kinds of companies to invest in all kinds of new businesses including entertainment venues and it appears as though the state of West Virginia is the perfect location for a new high profile business like online gambling. If you are planning a vacation or an upcoming trip to West Virginia this would be a great time to check out the online sports betting sites and play a few hands of blackjack or roulette. After you have a little fun, you might want to try your hand at blackjack and other online gambling games to see how you like them. Our only suggestion to you is to make sure that you set up an account with a reputable online gambling casino before you actually begin playing any games.